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Slide THE BEST DEAL IN STEEL “We know that price is a very important factor when considering your purchases, but a great price means nothing if you cannot back it up with service and products.” – Rick Noble, Vice President Since 2004, Griffin Trade Group’s dedication to creating a new standard of customer service and carbon steel plate product availability has set it far apart from the competition. Strictly a carbon steel plate distributor, we value our customers trade above all and therefore offer a tailored inventory specific to each one of their needs.  This standard has been lost in an ever-growing corporate world, turning people into numbers instead of names and faces.  Paired with the highest quality of carbon steel plate products at competitive prices we are able to lower customers’ inventory exposure and costs while increasing their profitability. We aim to establish successful relationships with our customers that respect the interest and goals of each party. Relationships are what bring us together. Fostering these relationships is how we continue to grow not only your business, but ours. What We Do Services What We Offer Products Who We Are About us 2004 Company
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Slide ONE TRADE - ONE GROUP What is in a name? At first glance, it would be hard to determine the true meaning behind Griffin Trade Group.  Are they a trading company?  What product do they supply?  Our name was chosen specifically with our customers in mind. GRIFFIN The GRIFFIN was something of mythological proportion. A combination of both Lion and Eagle, seen as Kings in their own realm. Chosen to guard treasures and priceless possessions.  It symbolizes the commitment we have towards our customers.   TRADE The service that Griffin supplies is guaranteed to support your "TRADE". We pride ourselves in offering programs that allow our customers to manage their risk and lower their material costs. Paired with quick and reliable service in addition to products from world class mills, our top priority is your trade. GROUP Our "GROUP", as our name implies, is focused on insuring every order is expedited with care and quality. We take pride in our brand and understand that it is a direct reflection of us collectively. Every employee does their best to satisfy the customers’ requirements.