carbon steel plate distribution

Slide As a Carbon Steel Plate Distributor, Griffin Trade Group, LP prides itself on selling the highest quality carbon steel plate products in the industry, while acquiring competitive pricing and timely delivery for our customers’ needs. These characteristics are essential to our customers’ success and, in turn, our own. Integrity, Efficiency and Quality stand as the core principles behind every purchase and sale. “AT GRIFFIN TRADE GROUP, OUR CUSTOMERS WILL ALWAYS BE OUR FIRST PRIORITY."-
Tom Devore Sr., Vice President
Tailored specifically to our customers’ needs On time/Just in time deliveries
Expedited Will-Call Services
Long/Short-term Consignment Inventories specific to customer preference
Services performed by Griffin Trade Group not only include the sale of carbon steel plate, but also a variety of plate specific testing. We provide the following additional services available upon request, including but not limited to:
Straight Line Plate Cutting
Tension Testing
LCVN/TCVN (shear percentage & lateral expansion)
Hardness Testing (including Rockwell B, C, NACE, Brinell)
Stress Relieving Testing
Normalizing Testing
Simulated Heat Treating
Ultrasonic Testing (straight beam, through thickness and shear wave)
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Penetrant Testing